JavaScript course for a total novice: From struggling to genius

This "course + mentoring" program uses new teaching techniques to help you understand and build projects with HTML, CSS and JavaScript with practical examples

and powerful illustrations that make everything so easy to learn. And there are mentors to get you back on track whenever you're stuck.

Now, you can handle any project without FEAR.

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Is this for me?

Yes, if you want a proven and sure way to understand and build projects with JavaScript to achieve your programming dreams without struggling unnecessarily.

It is for you if you want to learn web programming just to earn a high-income in any currency.

DON'T WORRY! You are at the right place at the right time because I am about to teach you JavaScript to be unstoppable.

Soon, you will see clearly how your programming dreams are very possible.

Learning to code without a proper guideline and guidance is like driving a car without a steering - it always ends in TEARS!

It can deny you all the opportunities you can gain through programming to make your life better, cater for your family and become a well respected person you have always dreamt of.

See, after helping many beginners from 6 continents on earth & 54 countries of the world, I have realized many of you fail to achieve your programming dreams because you don't have a sound

learning mindset, fundamental knowledge of JavaScript, project making fundamental principles and you don't have mentors who can help you whenever you are stuck.

Why am I stuck?

Here is why. You're stuck because you don't understand some concepts or you can't fix some bugs. And there is no one to help you out.

You might have been memorizing code subconsciously because you don't really understand the concept the code represents.

You don't understand the concepts because you might have learned from apps or creators who don't explain the concepts very well. So you always have to memorize everything.

Listen, you might have been cutting corners because you don't want to pay necessary price.

You are now confused because you keep learning with scattered tutorials -- with different authors, styles and bad plans -- on the internet... Boom! You are stuck.

I have been there

I didn't want to pay for courses so I kept googling terrible tutorials created by unskilled tutors who boasted as experts.

Many of the tutorials gave terrible advice that eventually got me confused. It was a terrible experience I don't even want my enemy to have.

I can still remember the day I knocked my head against my desk. I cried and I even hated myself for starting it in the first place.

I couldn't build any projects after following those tutorials because I was totally stuck...

But I am still stuck after buying courses

This is why you are stuck... Teaching is not just about building projects or talking about progamming concepts.

Most courses focus on building projects without helping you DEVELOP sound learning mindset to understand every process to build such projects by yourself.

Those tutors are only good at building stuff but are horrible teachers. A great teacher understands how to explain concepts for you to understand and implement.

Listen, this course is specifically designed based on a research to help you understand and build projects with JavaScript without struggling.

Despite my sound understanding of JavaScript, I still took A YEAR to simplify everything in this course so that you can understand easily.

How will this course help me?

Look, this course will help you avoid unnecessary pains that force most beginners to quit.

You won't need to shed tears because you're confused or can't understand anything. You won't have to quit because you can't get your code to work.

It will help you avoid wasting a lot of hours filtering contents on Google and it will also help you save 6 to 18 months

you might waste if you end up following one of the bad plans you have seen on the internet.

You need this course to have a mentor and a community of like minded people who will help you whenever you're stuck to avoid unnecessary struggle and stress.

I will teach you necessary soft skills to be great at JavaScript and show you how to make a living from it.

Above all, programming is very hard when you do it alone. Don't deny youself these opportunities. Look, if you are willing to give me a testimonial and you want to get this course right NOW, I have 50% discount for you.

Mindset is everything!

It is hard to achieve anything without the right mindset. About 80% of you quit along the line because you don't have great learning mindsets to learn programming.

This course prepares your mind with amazing soft skills for the journing ahead.

It shows you the practical things you have to do or know to achieve your programming dreams WITHOUT FAILING. This is possible because we have simplified everything.

Simplified Lessons

You will learn project making fundamental principles such as the movement in an array, single and multiple display, events and status interactions and many more.

You will be able to build about 50+ common projects without unnecessary trial and error.

For example, the image above represents the movements in an array. By understanding the movements,

you will be able to build 20+ projects such as Quiz application, Random quote generator, SlideShow, Carousel and so on...

Engaging Tutorials

Look, I have developed a powerful teaching pattern that uses relatable examples and powerful illustrations that make everything so easy to learn.

Don't believe me, I want you to watch the video below to decide for yourself but I am damn sure you will love it.

Let me be clear! I will show you how most projects we always work on are similar and how you can build all of them by yourself.

I will build many of the common projects in this course and you will build the rest as assignments to test your skills. What will happen when I am stuck?

Community Support

No matter your experience or skills, you will always be stuck and that is okay. Whenever you're stuck, you will get solutions to your challenges from the community of like minded people I am building.

They will always help you out as you are also helping others out. Win-win!

Rare Mentoring

Sometimes, you need someone to guide you through the journey with his or her experience in the field. So, I am making myself available to guide you through. You will be mentored by me.

Did you say how is that possible? Don't worry! I have designed a system that makes it easy to mentor many students. You just have to get in to see it for yourself.

Monetize your skills

Ever dreamed of earning a living with your software development skills such as JavaScript?

This course will show you how to make money with your skills either by getting a job or freelancing. It is powerfully packed to cater to/for your needs.

What you will learn

By the end of this course, you you will understand:

Javascript fundamentals.

You will understand fundamentals of Javascript such as control flow, promises, objects, functions and many more like the palm of your hands.

Fundamental principles of making projects

The course will show you some little-known principles that will help you understand how to build projects without the usual trial and error strategies.

Build Projects

You will build projects practically with fundamental principles such as 5Ts of programming, common-ignorance and components extraction and you will be able to build projects on your own from the scratch.

Preparation for Frameworks and Libraries

As this course makes everything in Javascript understandable, you will be properly prepared to learn any frameworks or libraries such React, Vue or Angular.

Expert secrets

Software developers always develop some abilities that help them understand programming, solve problems and build projects better. You will get those secrets in this course.

How to monetize your skills

Whether you want to get a job or freelance to start making money with your skills, this course shows you how to get started and avoid some of the mistakes that prevents many developers from earning with their skills.

What you will get

  • Javascript For A Total Novice - worth: $200 ( N101,000 )
  • BONUS: HTML and CSS For A Total Novice - worth: $49 ( N25,500)
  • BONUS: The Rule of Six: How To Monetize Your Skills (limited edition) - worth $50 ( N21, 000 )
  • BONUS: CMD, Git & GitHub complete tutorials - worth $49 ( N20, 000 )
  • BONUS: Community Support - worth: $priceless
  • BONUS: Mentoring - $300 ( N150,000)
  • BONUS: Projects source code - worth: $priceless

Why do I need this course?

Here is why! Learning to code on your own can be frustrating and also exhausting. Sometimes, you just wanna give up because you can't fix a stubborn bug.

There will be days you don't even feel like doing anything. All you want to do is just lay in bed and sleep all day.

But being a part of this community will keep you going despite the difficulty or lack of interest.

Do you want to know the best part? You will have access to my limited mentorship to avoid spending years on things you should spend months.

From my personal experience, I was unable to make something reasonable out of my skills after several years of learning because I didn't have access to this kind of opportunity.

I provide you this opportunity not to struggle unnecessarily like me. Choose wisely!

By the end of this course:

  • You will be able to build websites with HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • You will be well prepared to learn and use library like React, Vue or Angular on your own.
  • You will understand JavaScript to use it for Frontend, Backend, Virtual Reality, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Artificial Intelligence and others with little research.

You can EARN 6 or 7 figures in any currency

Yes! You can make a great career out of these skills but you're getting the course with a token. The average salary of a software developer in the US is around $70,000/annually not to talk of freelancing, side gigs and projects.

Wait! But I am not from the USA. That is fine! But the reality is software developers earn one of the top salaries in your country. Period!

Can I get value for my money?


Sure! You will definely get value for your money. Honestly, I know how it feels not to get value for your money. I am also pay for courses. Do you think I will like it if I don't get value for my money? Nah!

You will definely get value for your money
If you don't get value for your money,
things will happen:

  • You get your MONEY back ( GUARANTEED )
  • You will keep the course ( NO COMPLAINT )
  • You can also click this to tell me F*ck your on WhatsApp ( THANK YOU ).

What else do you want?

See what people are saying.
"I have taken several JavaScript courses but couldn't build projects like the way I wanted to. I was very reluctant to take the course if not for a respected colleague that recommended it. So happy I took it eventually, it taught me JS in a very practical & compelling style. Thank you for writing this and for the mentoring too."
Abdul-Wahab Adekola
"Excellent delivery! The author's mode of teaching is so amazing. I have paid for several JavaScript courses but this course is the best. I love it! It taught me JS in a very practical and easy way. Thanks so much for creating this amazing course."
Abdullahi Oladejo
"It is amazing how Ayobami explains every detail in this course and that makes it so easy to understand everything. I'm surprised the course also shows how to monetize my programming skills. It is the best JavaScript course + mentoring I have seen in a very long time. Awesome!"
Ogunmuyiwa Ibrahim

A LIMITED offer for you!

If you're willing to share your opinion with me as a testimony and buy this course RIGHT NOW, you will:

  • Get a huge 50% discount
  • Get Limited Mentoring (guaranteed)
  • Get Active Community Supports
  • And your struggles will be taken care of.


Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to take this course?

You need a computer to take this course - you can't use a mobile phone. You don't need to be good at maths or have science background. You must only be willing to learn

Can I take this course as a total novice?

Yes! This course is specifically designed to help total beginners or whoever is struggling to understand and build projects with JavaScript.

Can I pay in installment?

No! I don't want you to worry about money when you have to focus on learning, so you are expected to pay the payment in full.

What is the nature of this course?

You will learn online with a permanent access to this course. That means you can learn at your on pace. Lectures will start as soon as you pay for this course. This course is designed to be simple and it doesn't take much time. It duration is between 2 to 6 hours.

Will I get my money back if I don't like it?

Yes! I am sure you will like it but if you don't like it, you will get your money back if you apply for a refund within the 31-day-window after paying for the course.

Seriouly, I would rather pay and learn fast to make multiple of my money back in no time than to waste my time and energy, stress myself and still quit or without making a dime. See: I can only tell you what can help you but the decision is yours.

So if you're willing to act fast, once again, I am happy to throw this course at you @ a huge 50% discount. I trust you will make the right decision. Get it done now!

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